Scarce Earth Finds Three Bottles Full

The Scarce Earth project encourages the release of single vineyard Shiraz wines of McLaren Vale, exploring the relative influence of ‘terroir’ within one of the most geologically diverse wine regions in the world.

To carry the mantle of ‘Scarce Earth’ the wine is submitted and has to pass three expert tasting panels to ensure that the wine reflects a sense of place (ie. the vineyard) and the expression of fruit (ie. less overt use of oak).

For the Black Blood wines, we take a soft hand in the winery, gently crushing the whole berries and maturing the wine in 100% French oak, each barrel hand selected to make sure they were the best of our stock. This old oak is more for structure than flavour because while we want the fruit flavours to the fore, we want to ensure that the wine is expressive of its terroir.

For four out of four vintages our wine has been chosen to be part of this select group. In 2012, three Black Bloods were produced, sourced from the ‘Cellar Vineyard,’ the ‘Church Vineyard’ & the ‘Black Sheep Vineyard’

These wines are a reflection of the exceptional vintage of 2012, the winter rains and cold nights, the spring & summer sunshine and cooling breezes. In keeping with the philosophy of the Scarce Earth Project, these single vineyard wines reflect a unique flavour profile and personality.

From Black Blood I to Black Blood III, a spectrum of masculinity to femininity appears, the richness of the Cellar Vineyard, to the fragrant and vibrant Church Vineyard and finally to the elegance of The Black Sheep Vineyard, from Blewitt Springs.

The 2012 Black Blood wines are due to be released early May. Our Black Sheep members will be the first to try at an exclusive launch, a rare opportunity to taste the three wines together! Invites to members will be out soon!

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