2016 Various Wine Show Results

Through out the year, Hugh Hamilton Wines submits selected wines to reputable wineshows across Australia and internationally. Below you'll find the results of the current release wines and the award ratings they have received in 2016.


‘The Trickster’ Pinot Grigio 2016 // Adelaide Hills Wine Show – Awarded Silver with 90 points

‘The Floozie’ Sangiovese Rose 2016 // Boutique Wine Awards – Awarded Gold with 53.5 points

‘The Ratbag’ Merlot 2014 // Wine Showcase Magazine – Awarded Silver with 93 points

‘The Rascal’ Shiraz 2014 // Decanter World Wine Awards – Awarded Silver with 90 points
‘The Rascal’ Shiraz 2014 // McLaren Vale Wine Show – Awarded Silver with 90 points
‘The Rascal’ Shiraz 2014 // James Halliday 2017 Wine Companion - Awarded 92 points

  • "A full-bodied traditional McLaren Vale shiraz, with alcohol warmth flowing through its veins; there are black fruits and bitter chocolate aplenty, with matching tannins all the way. If this were not enough, there is the new oak influence."

‘The Villain’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 // Huon Hooke - Awarded a Silver Ribbon with 90 points

  • "Deepish red colour with a good tinge of purple. The bouquet is stalky and herbal and there's a trace of dark chocolate. The wine is chewy and full-bodied, with density and abundant drying tannins that dominate the finish. A big, generous, soft cabernet, which makes up in flavour and grip what it lacks in subtlety."

‘Black Ops’ Shiraz Saperavi 2014 // James Halliday 2017 Wine Companion - Awarded 91 points

  • "85% McLaren Vale shiraz with the stiff upper lip of 15% Barossa Valley Saperavi (and a jab of alcohol). The choice of the consumption venue is of critical importance in enjoying this wine."


‘Black Blood I’ Cellar Vineyard Shiraz 2014 // Great Australian Shiraz Challenge – Awarded Silver with 17.4 points
‘Black Blood I’ Cellar Vineyard Shiraz 2014 // James Halliday Wine Companion - Awarded 93 points

  • "Black Blood I is planted on black cracking clay, forcing the roots to deal with the fissures that can be a metre deep in summer droughts. Seemingly the most oaky and extractive of the Black Blood trio, yet the first picked (March 8). The colour, too, is deeper. Tannins join in the fray to a more obvious degree. Distinctive, but not best of the three wines."

‘Black Blood I’ Cellar Vineyard Shiraz 2014 // Huon Hooke - Awarded Silver and 90 points

  • "(A Scarce Earth selection) Deep, dark red/purple hue and a chocolaty, vanillan, toasty oak-driven bouquet. The wine is very full-bodied, massive and dense, with lots of concentration and tannic grip, power and volume. There's a lot of oak and the finish is all oaky tannins and spirity heat from alcohol. Some oaky bitterness on the aftertaste. A big, ballsy but generous wine without subtlety or elegance. (from the cracking black soils of the Cellar Vineyard."

‘Black Blood II’ Church Vineyard Shiraz 2014 // James Halliday 2017 Wine Companion - Awarded 95 points

  • "Black Blood II has loose dark alluvial soils (from an old river) with ironstone fragments over deep clay. Very good texture and structure, generous without going over the top; shares the blackberry flavours more or less common to all three wines. A lift to the back palate provides light and shade in the texture, the juicy finish long and compelling."

‘Black Blood II’ Church Vineyard Shiraz 2014 // Huon Hooke - Awarded Silver with 90 points

  • "Deep red/purple colour, with a full-tilt sweet berry aroma, the fruit super-ripe and lush on the palate as well as the nose. It's borderline jammy. Soft and dense, fleshy, succulent and sweet, with licorice and spice as well as berry conserve flavours. Chewy aftertaste; needs time. (from alluvial soils with ironstone, Church Vineyard)"

‘Black Blood III’ Black Sheep Vineyard Shiraz 2014 // James Halliday  2017 Wine Companion - Awarded 96 points

  • "From the light, sandy soils of the Blewitt Springs district. The finest and purest of the trio, with some red fruit notes among the black; more spicy and fragrant, and a long, lively finish and aftertaste; the tannins are particularly fine."

​‘Black Blood III’ Black Sheep Vineyard Shiraz 2014 // Huon Hooke - Awarded Silver with 93 points

  • "Deep red/purple colour; the wine is massive and dense, thick and chewy, with heavy tannins and licorice, blackberry, subtle spice and chocolate flavours. Ironically, it's not nearly as oaky as the Scarce Earth bottling, Black Blood I. And I much prefer this one. (from the Blewitt Springs sands)"


‘Shearer’s Cut’ Shiraz 2014 (SOLD OUT) // James Halliday 2017 Wine Companion - Awarded 94 points

  • "From the bush vines planted in 1910, 120 dozen made. Elegant and lively, the fruit almost sweet, the bouquet perfumed, the tannins fine – yet it is intense and ready for a long life."

 ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ Shiraz Viognier 2014 // James Halliday Wine Companion - Awarded 93 points

  • "The vivid colour reflects the co-fermentation of 9% viognier; the impact of the viognier almost changes the flavours of the Shiraz from black to red, creating a juicy mouthfeel in so doing. It’s arguably a little OTT with the percentage of viognier, but even so, the result is hedonistic."

‘The Oddball’ Saperavi 2014 // McLaren Vale Wine Show – Awarded Silver with 90 points
‘The Oddball’ Saperavi 2014 // James Halliday 2017 Wine Companion - Awarded 90 points

  • "Dense and impenetrable colour; while full-bodied, the tannin impact isn’t the least bit aggressive; dark chocolate aromas continue on the palate, part regional, part varietal; new French oak has been absorbed into the fabric of the wine. A conversation starter at the lunch or dinner table."


‘Pure Black’ Shiraz 2013 // Huon Hooke The Wine - Awarded a Gold Ribbon with 96 points

  • "Very deep, rich red/purple colour with a riotous bouquet of licorice, blackberry, mocha and dark chocolate. Oak is neatly tucked into the wine. It's very full-bodied, concentrated, the texture supple thanks to soft, fleshy tannins. The palate is smooth with a little alcohol afterglow. An opulent style of shiraz, a very good wine of its type. Cellar for best results."