Black Blood 2014: Launch Event & Sensory Tasting

On Sunday 3rd April we held our annual pre-release launch of the ‘Black Blood’ series. The Black Blood series is a trio of wines that represent a wonderful journey into McLaren Vale Shiraz. ‘Terroir’ is a word that encapsulates the taste of a wine due to its unique environment – altitude, climate, rainfall, temperature and soil. The Black Blood trio are each from a different Hugh Hamilton vineyard with a distinct terroir. We keep everything else as consistent as possible – picking dates, winemaking approach, oak regime, maturation, so you can taste the place.

Viticulturalist Ben Pridham gave a tactile demonstration of the three soil types and delved into the geographical history of the McLaren Vale region. Following this, Mary Hamilton took 100 guests on a journey to explore how each site is different and how these intricacies are reflected in the wine. Guests got the chance to make their own mind up about the wines; they did not merely taste, rather they used all five of their senses - from listening to music to match the mood of the wine & touching the soils from which the wines are derived to smelling jars filled with aromatic cues & inspecting the varying shades of red.

Following the tasting, Mary guided the group through all three of the wines so that the myriad of differences between the three Black Bloods could be truly appreciated. Terms such as structure, mouth feel and length were demystified and explored.

This event truly went well beyond the bounds of a traditional tasting.

Check out the photos here!

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