Black Blood 2013: Single Vineyard Series

Our supply of the 2013 Black Blood Single Vineyard Series is getting low. Here is your last chance to get your hands on this wine with these exact labels. These wines are highly regarded and James Halliday's comments from the 2015 Wine Companion certainly support this.

'BLACK BLOOD I' 2013 Cellar Vineyard Shiraz
"Thick with blackberry, licorice, asphalt and dark leather flavour, its slips of dark chocolatey oak well and truly integrated. It's so brooding it almost comes across as dull; there's very little vigour but it's dense, composed and lengthy."

'BLACK BLOOD II' 2013 Church Vineyard Shiraz
"Dense, raisiny, sweet black berries with firm tannin locking it all in. Exaggerated style of shiraz, warm through the finish and pushing the boundaries of flavour ripeness into the realm of baked road/bitumen territory. Mighty, but somewhere along the way pleasure left the building." 

'BLACK BLOOD III' 2013 Black Sheep Vineyard Shiraz
"Adds a layer of prettiness to the enormity of fruit. Saturated plum, licorice and asphalt flavour with choc cream and violet notes. Long chains of tannin come injected with inky fruit. Warm but not warming. Heroic style done (very) well."

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