Customer Review: 2013 'The Mongrel' Sangiovese Blend

Canberra’s winter this year was severe; minus six degrees by night, single digits by day.  Snow flurries amongst the icy rain.  A mongrel of a winter.

Thankfully, signs of Spring.  Wattle out, spring flowers peeking forth.  Sunshine and even some warmth.  After months of hibernation, out with the picnic table and the picnic food, and of course the mandatory bottle of red.  After a mongrel of a winter, the choice has to be the Black Sheep ‘Mongrel’, or Sangiovese.  Perfect for the onset of Spring.  Fresh, lively, anticipatory, eager and uplifting.  A spirit-lifting ruby red colour, and a glorious burst on the palate.  Absolutely the quintessential picnic wine.  Cheers, bring on Spring!!

'The Mongrel'

A mongrel by name but not by nature.

This ‘Mongrel’ has breeding, class and pedigree from selective Sangiovese stock.

An imported breed not to be crossbred under any circumstance.

Good food, good company and great location will bring out the best in this ‘Mongrel’

Bred with a dark full bodied colouring, a long follow through and a performance that will leave you asking for more from this pure bred ‘Mongrel’

A mongrel by name, but a “Black Sheep” by nature.

Kindly reviewed by Black Sheep Club members Ian & Heather Boyd

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