2016 Vintage: Waiting and Watching

Date Posted:3 February 2016 

I’ve often said each vintage is a roller coaster ride of surprises. McLaren Vale has just about the most stable climate of any wine region on the planet, but still there are always curves in the road. This year we’ve had plenty of heat and not much rain. But, it’s early February and the weather has suddenly turned cool. It’s even rained quite hard. So this will delay the start of vintage by about a week, or maybe more, and provided we now experience some wind to dry out the bunches, it can do nothing but good. If, on the other hand, it remains still and hot we’ll be watching out for any outbreak of fungal diseases. The fingers are crossed and the ‘weather-eye’ is vigilant! Apart from all that, the crop looks remarkably healthy and I’m expecting a top quality year.


STOP PRESS: This morning (Tuesday 2nd February) we picked our first fruit for the 2016 Vintage.. yes, before the deluge of rain. With the first bunch picked of Tempranillo at 5am and the last  at 6:25am, all went according to plan. At 7:30am, the rain came down. Any earlier, this mission would have been aborted.

IMAGE: This is the first sample of Tempranillo destined for 'The Scoundrel' 

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