Become Your Own Wine Critic

A lot of wine drinkers follow the crowd when it comes to making considered judgement about their wine. Maybe this is called ‘out-sourcing’ but it probably has more to do with a certain hesitation or lack of confidence in calling out a wine.  However, wine critics, no matter whom, are only expressing a personal opinion about a wine that has pleasing attributes. Their opinions are as subjective as your own. Wine is a little like art. What pleases one person does not necessarily please another.

Tasting wine can be an engaging exercise and a lot of fun no matter on what level you do it. It can be done as a serious in depth exercise where the wine has the central place in the activity, or as a simple momentary comment over dinner with your partner or friends. In this latter case you are not trying to make the wine the star of the show, but a pleasant talking topic to good friendship and good food. Either way, just thinking about the wine you are drinking adds enjoyment to your life as you are really living in the moment.

The 'Black Blood' series of wines are ideal for a tasting comparison because they are made from the same grape variety sourced from three different vineyards. It’s an excellent way to appreciate, not just the individual wine quality, but also what different vineyard sites contribute to a wine.

As with all wine tasting, the methodology is “Swirl, Sniff and Sip”.  ‘Swirl’ to look at the colour and to release the aroma compounds. ‘Sniff’ to find out what the aromas you can pick up that you can look forward to in the taste, and ‘Sip’ to see if the flavours you taste are agreeable to your palate. 

Hey, you’re an expert wine taster!


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