Hugh's August Update

Shhhhh….No Noise Please. They’re Asleep!

Now I’m not talking about my children, they’re off my hands now. Or even my grand-children, they’re not my responsibility. No, I’m talking about our 2016 red wines.

Vintage 2016 is done and dusted. The whites are bottled, as is the Floozie Rosé. It’s 'quietly does it' for the reds. They have undergone malolactic fermentation (ask me about that sometime) and are now resting peacefully in the barrels. So shoosh! We’ll check on them around springtime and again as summer nears.

In the meantime we’ve been busy. Our winter has been remarkable. I call it an old fashioned winter where we’ve had plenty of rain, we actually can’t get enough of this, and there have been amazing gales this year. This is a winter, the likes of which we haven’t seen for about 30 years.  Notwithstanding this, our pruners have been out there most days and are now almost finished. I sense winter is coming to a close as I’m seeing some early budburst on the glory vines surrounding the cellar door and the magpies are warbling very early in the mornings. The cycle continues.

Letting Loose

Pamela, Mary and I have been travelling around Australia meeting Black Sheep Club members and doing presentations at our ‘Black Sheep let Loose’ lunches. Some people have said we must be exhausted. Far from it. The lunches are great fun and we don’t think of them as work.

The Black Sheep Leading the Way

Some of you know that I am quite taken with that unusual grape variety we grow called Saperavi. It’s a variety that’s very much ‘under the radar’ but produces an amazing wine. Anyone who has opened a bottle of our ‘Oddball’ Saperavi will concur with this opinion. If you don’t, let me know and we’ll delete it from your future allocations because we have heaps of demand from those who love it!

Anyway, we recently ran a Saperavi seminar day with those few producers who are growing the grape and making wine. They came to the Black Sheep winery from all over Australia. This is always very informative and makes for an exciting day. Now, I have been working on an extended Saperavi project which we anticipate will come to fruition towards the end of this year. As a Black Sheep Club member you’ll be the first to hear about it, so, watch this space, as they say. We can’t wait to tell you about it.

Not a Black Sheep member? Find out how you can become part of our flock. 

In Other News...

'The Rascal' steals centre stage, we give back to our furry friends and a hearty vegetarian recipe the whole family will enjoy. Plus the new vintage of 'The Scoundrel' is now available and we announce the winner of our July 'The Ratbag' competition.



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