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Author: Mary Hamilton Date 28 September, 2016

We are pleased to announce that talented winemaker Nic Bourke has joined the team. Nic comes to our iconic family business at an exciting time as 2017 marks that 180th anniversary of the Hamilton’s arrival in South Australia.

Nic brings to the team experience and passion and his appointment reflects the importance Hugh Hamilton Wines place on the never ending quest for outstanding, quality wines. The Hamilton family has the longest continual presence of grape growing and winemaking in the country so we wouldn’t entrust this heritage to just any winemaker.

Nic Bourke is one of the most passionate winemakers I have met, which is why he will fit in well here – if you’re not fired up and into thriving outside the square, the relationship won’t last.

Nic was born in a rural town in New South Wales, and raised on a small farm that ran sheep and grew vines. He ventured to Adelaide to study winemaking at the University of Adelaide and never went home.

Despite this formal education, Nic is adamant that the real learning happened under the tutelage of several world class winemakers here in McLaren Vale. He has worked extensively throughout South Australia with just about every variety available to him.

First item on Nic’s agenda? He will be working to take Hugh Hamilton’s icon wine, Pure Black, to extraordinary heights of fruit intensity and concentration. Nic says “I choose to work in McLaren Vale because I believe that it is the best wine region in the world. I am extremely privileged to now work with fruit from the Hamilton vineyards, some of the best vineyards in the region”.


Which Black Sheep character best describes you? Despite Agent Provocateur being a she and me being a he, I resonate with the way Agent Provocateur shakes things up and pushes ideas to the next level. Ultimately it’s all about daring to be different and enjoying yourself while doing it.
If you could have a glass of wine with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
Mervyn Peake. If ever a piece of writing has equalled the pleasure I get from wine it is Peake’s novels. Endlessly layered, complex and compelling – just like the wines that I love.
You’ve spent much of your career in McLaren Vale - any must visits?
You can’t go past the Salopian Inn – now a mere 500m away from my office!

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