Spring Vineyard Observations

The breaking rains started in April this year – an early start plus a wet August that we didn’t get in 2014. Hence we are experiencing flourishing vineyard pastures and cover crops. This is a big positive because of the extra organic matter it provides the soil which in turn feeds the vines naturally. Our Bio-dynamic sprays were applied last week (at the right phase of the moon) to enhance soil microbial activity.

Bud burst is well under way and at this point is looking even and strong. Time wise bud burst is about the same as 2014 which was relatively early.

Other happenings in the vineyard include non-chemical under vine weed control using a tractor mounted knife weeder that slices the roots of the weeds. We do this approximately 2-3 times per growing season to manage the under vine strip.

So in a nut shell –or should I say berry the new growing season is shaping up nicely. 


Ben Pridham


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