The 'Tonnellerie' Shiraz Series


One of the joys of handcrafting our wines is that we harvest many small parcels of Shiraz from our 
vineyards. These go into fine French oak barrels which are kept apart right up until we decide which
ones will go into our wines. To do that Mary and I taste many barrels!
There are moments of great excitement to find wines that are unexpected. From the 2014 vintage we found three barrels of an identical parcel of Shiraz from Cellar vineyard. However, each had been resting in new oak from a different French cooperage. The nuances of flavour and structure between these three barrels are a revelation not to be missed and show how the influence of the finest French oak can enhance super quality Shiraz.

These wines are bottled at a unique event held in November each year De Barrel à la Bouteille (From Barrel to Bottle). Our Pure Black and Black Sheep Club members are invited to revel in these wines with an extensive oak masterclass and then have the opportunity to micro-bottle the wines and label the bottles by hand, all before enjoying a stunning lunch with Hugh, Pam and Mary.

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