Mary on 'Wine & Mood'

I am often asked which is my favourite wine. It’s not quite as confronting as asking me which of my two children I like best, but it’s no easier to answer. I probably always respond the same way – “it depends on my mood”. Just as I don’t listen to the languid warmth of Billie Holiday’s voice (which I adore) when I’m firing up the sneakers to climb the mountain behind my house, nor do I pop the cork on the Drama Queen when I’m after a cosy night in. It’s all about mood. Take the 2014 Black Blood trio of our single site Shiraz – we couldn’t make these wine more the same, and yet they couldn’t be more different. Here’s how they fit my mood…..

• Black Blood III – Think Odette dancing Swan Lake, its chiffon across the tongue; this is a wine I drink when I want to be intrigued by power & grace in the one sip. I like it with seared duck breast that has been dusted in Chinese five spice with an operatic aria in the background

• Black Blood II – Like a delicious red velvet arm chair, this is a wine I enjoy when I want something warm & generous that wraps me up, enjoy it with red sauce comfort food like lasagne and listen to Etta James singing ‘At Last’

• Black Blood I – Ok don’t get the wrong impression, but sometimes it feels good to be dominated – right? Well do I have a wine for you! This big black muscle bound beauty commands attention and a big piece of beef. Feel truly at heel and listen to it with some imposing Tchaikovsky ‘Montague & Capulet’s’.

So a there you have it, a spectacular wine for every mood. Or if you are feeling bi-polar open all three together and enjoy the difference.


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