Winter Pruning: Your Go-To Guide

Cane Pruning Method- The pruner selects two or four shoots (canes) from the previous season and trains them along the trellis wires. The other canes are removed, and new shoots sprout from the buds on the selected canes in spring.


At Hugh Hamilton wines we tend to use cane pruning on the older vines that are becoming less productive. This type of pruning rejuvenates the vine and helps improve crop levels and quality in ageing vines. Yes vines grow old like we do and and also need help like we do. Cane pruning requires more skill and is more expensive to do. 


Spur Pruning Method - is done on vines that retain one or two pairs of long canes (a permanent cordon) trained along a trellis system. Each winter, new canes that have grown along the permanent cordon are cut back to a small shoot containing two buds, known as a spur. In spring new growth develops from the buds on the spur. Also commonly known as 2 bud spur pruning.


At Hugh Hamilton wines Spur pruning is more commonly used on young vines. It is easier and much less cost to prune than cane pruned vines. Younger vines produce more consistent crops of good quality until they get old.

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