The 'Vale is green and vintage is near!

January is always the fastest month of the year; right about now another 6 months to prepare for vintage would be fantastic. However, it always seems to work out and it reminds us that we work to the seasons and not the other way around.

The sun has been shining and there has been ample winter rain, and a bit of the summer sort too. For us this means the vines are very enthusiastic in their foliage growth.

Our vineyard team have been very hard at work managing the vine canopy to maintain the dappled light we will need to properly ripen our berries. The grapes are roughly pea size, hard, and green right now.

Over the next few weeks the onset of ripening will begin and these hard little peas will soften, change colour, and accumulate sugars and flavour – at which point we’ll grab them and crush them. I’m looking forward to it.

Nic Bourke,