The Story of Two Boys - A Whitelion Bail Out Reflection

I spent a night in jail.

But I’m lucky, I could leave.

In May I attended Whitelion's Annual Bail Out at the Adelaide Gaol, an event that aims to help some of the most powerful members of the business world understand what is faced by the least powerful, most vulnerable young people of our community.

Here is a story I heard in jail that night about a little boy, who grew into a big boy.

Brandon is a little boy, he’s just like another little boy called Thomas, just two toddlers playing together. Both have parents that love them, Thomas’s parents are well-educated and middle-class, Brandon’s parents are not. Brandon doesn’t go to pre-school and because his parents need to keep working, he gets sent to school at the youngest age possible.

When a child, particularly a boy, starts school too young, he is thrown into a world he cannot understand or navigate successfully. This leads to behaviour issues which often result in the child being branded as a trouble-maker. He is set up for failure before he has even learnt to read.

Thomas’s parents are able to assist him with school-work because they are themselves, well-schooled. He has access to books, networks of people, outings and holidays, Brandon doesn’t. Brandon’s disconnection at school leads to low self-esteem, which leads to offending behaviour.

Once a young person becomes part of the criminal justice system, it is very difficult to get them back out of it.

Thomas, now a young lawyer is defending his client, Brandon, who is looking at a jail sentence.

Young people with behaviour issues, including criminality, are not born like that. Brandon was just as intelligent and just as loved as Thomas. He fell through the cracks.


We need to strengthen the village that raises kids like Brandon. Whitelion is a vital part of that village. Hugh Hamilton Wines supports Whitelion. We like that the money we raise for them goes straight to the street and not too fancy gala dinners and plush offices.

We became involved because we feel such a sense of gratitude for our lucky lives; we want to pay out good fortune forward by helping the most vulnerable members of our community.

You can make a meaningful difference this month when you order a bottle of 'The Villain' Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 we will be donating 10% to Whitelion.