What is Cornucopiacation?!

Our Black Sheep Vineyard in an earlier life was called Cornucopia, due to an abundance of different fruit trees – it was full of currant vines, fig trees, plums, apples and pears.

Cornucopiacation, that combines education, a hands-on harvesting experience, fine dining and being part of the creation of an Amarone style Shiraz from our 109-year-old vines. It is a day of abundance, experiencing the atmosphere of vintage.

It’s not the first time in the history of our family that we’ve had a cornucopia – when Hugh’s great, great, great, grandfather Richard arrived in the colony of South Australia in 1837 – he planted one of the first mixed farms. It had a bit of everything – fruit trees, vegetables, crops - but he was one thing missing, vines. So Richard planted what were the first grape vines that produced wine in SA.

This will be an annual event that can be booked by corporate or social groups – it is a delightful interplay between the rustic charm of our historic vineyard and an immaculately styled lunch in our old shed.

Please call Ebony on 08 8323 8689 or email here if you’re interested in working toegther to host private & corporate events

What an incredible day with amazing company celebrating great wine.. even picking our very own grapes that will soon become a limited edition release!
Belinda Jennings, MumCentral