It began as a fascination, now it is my obsession.

You all know of my love for the ancient grape, Saperavi and the region it hails from. Georgia is the cradle of winemaking, dating back to 6000 BC. With the help of my good friend and master Georgian Winemaker, Lado Uzunashvili, I am thrilled to present the Exotica Collection.

This is the meeting of two distinct civilisations, Georgia and Australia; a true force of nature. I think you will be fascinated by these four unique wines.

  • 'The Oddball' - 2016, a rarity in itself due to a crop wipe-out.
  • 'Oddball the Great' - 2014, Our debut vintage of Saperavi on steroids, it’s like ambergris (Look that up, it's more valuable than gold!). 
  • Black Ops Shiraz Saperavi - 2017, Hugh's initial experiment with Saperavi, continues its journey seven years on.

Be intrigued by this rare and exotic, astounding collection of wines.