Hugh's ahead of the curve - Rosé

It’s summer time and social media is all ‘a-buzz’ with their ‘discovery’ of Rosé.  They are saying drink Rosé or Frosé (slushies) with your Brosé (men who aren’t afraid to drink pink). Happily I don’t need to be told as I’m well ahead of the curve on Rosé.

For some years ‘The Floozie’ Rosé has been my ‘go-to’ pre-dinner aperitif regardless of season.  It also goes well with whatever you’re having for brunch, lunch and dinner.  It’s great in summer, of course, but it’s just as good in winter when it reminds me of summer.

'The Floozie' Rosé is always delicious, vibrant and alive. I think of Rosé as more than a drink, it’s a lifestyle.

Hugh Hamilton