Mary Hamilton - Future Leader 2017


I am thrilled to join 15 other talented and driven professionals from the Australian grape and wine community to be the Future Leaders in 2017.

Future Leaders is coordinated by Wine Australia in partnership with the Winemakers' Federation of Australia (WFA) and Australian Vignerons (formerly Wine Grape Growers Australia). The Future Leaders program is designed to develop participants’ leadership capabilities and encourage innovation and thoughtful debate on the future of the sector.

The Future Leaders of 2017 are:

  • Mary Hamilton - Hugh Hamilton Wines
  • Alexia Roberts - Galvanized Wine Group (Penny’s Hill)
  • Anthony Robinson - Treasury Wine Estates
  • Chris Dent - Gorton Drive Estates
  • Chris Morrison - Sommelier/Wine Consultant
  • Claire Doughty - Yalumba
  • Gwyneth Olsen - Pepper Tree Wines
  • Marc Soccio - Wine Advisor
  • Natalie Pizzini - Pizzini Wines
  • Paula Edwards - Winegrapes Australia
  • Richard Angove - Angove Family Winemakers
  • Richard Leask - Leask Agri
  • Sarah Collingwood - Four Winds Vineyard
  • Shirley Fraser - De Zolt Byrne Vineyards
  • Simon Killeen - Simão & Co. Wines
  • Wes Pearson - Australian Wine Research Institute

“It is an honour to be included as part of the Future Leaders program, this year is an important year at Hugh Hamilton Wines, it is 180 years since we planted some of the first vineyards in South Australia. I am 6th generation in the business, making our family one of the longest continual presences in the Australian wine industry today; I feel a strong duty to give back the industry that we were part of from day dot, so that it thrives into the future” 

Wine Australia CEO Andreas Clark said the calibre of applicants again reflected the impressive talent working in the Australian grape and wine sector.

‘The Future Leaders program is an opportunity to bring together emerging leaders from all parts of our sector and help them develop the skills to work collaboratively and creatively toward a common goal for long-term prosperity. It’s a unique leadership program that’s been specifically designed for the needs of the Australian grape and wine sector.

‘The future success of our sector is dependent on the strength and capabilities of our people. We want the best and brightest leading the Australian grape and wine community and it’s vital we support them by investing in their professional development so they can confidently lead the sector in the years to come.’

Andrew Weeks and Tony Battaglene, the Chief Executive Officers from AV and WFA, said they were proud to once again support the Future Leaders program.

‘The expression of interest from such a large and highly competent field of applicants suggest that the future of the grape and wine sector is in good hands. We look forward to meeting the participants and working with them during the progress of the course’, Andrew and Tony said.

Future Leaders 17 program

In a dynamic and evolving sector, this year’s program will explore new avenues in business, marketing and governance, and will also look at how global economics will shape the future.

Participants will look at new technology, how they can amplify the innovative thinking that already exists in our sector, and they will learn contemporary approaches to people development and commercial success.

They’ll hear from some of Australia’s best speakers on topics such as innovation, leadership and culture, and they’ll connect with people from across the grape and wine community, including Future Leaders alumni.

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