What Is Pure Black?

It is the distillation of everything we have done

It is the pinnacle of the Black Sheep story

A bold step

A wine worthy of our legacy, that represents the dreams of our future!

Pure Black is an ambitious project in the Hamilton family's winemaking history. When setting out to create this wine, our goal was to create something that would possess such quality, craftsmanship and style that it would become an Australian icon.

We knew that we had to create something spectacular but in total harmony with everything that had come before. Hugh's experience from over 50 vintages of hot summers, droughts, wet winters, cool Southern Ocean breezes is distilled into Pure Black. Pure Black is the culmination of the Black Sheep story.

Pure Black signals our future direction. Over a decade went into creating this wine. While our style remains the same, it is crazy to imagine that we could have created this remarkable wine without a fresh perspective on our future. Pure Black has been a grand project behind the scenes for many years that has forced us to new levels of quality in the vineyards, in the winery, and in our heads. It has been a relentless drive for excellence.

Ultimately for this wine over 350 barrels of Shiraz were tasted. Of those only the very best made the grade. A unique wine needs a unique package, every element of the packaging is done by hand.

We did not release this wine until we knew we had a vintage that was ready. And we will only release it in vintages where all the elements align.

In order to create this wine and find the gems, we have individualised our approach.

  • We have lowered the amount of fruit on our vines
  • We have changed the way the vines are trellised
  • We consider vines by rows, rather than whole vineyards
  • We pick in small batches
  • We put berries onto a special sorting table to reduce stems
  • We crush grapes in small loads
  • We ferment in small open fermenters
  • We gently hand plunge and hand rack
  • We use gravity to filter
  • We keep everything separate
  • We carefully select the best French Oak